DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #014 – Mixed by Thobs


DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #014 – Mixed by Thobs


Warm greetings family, thank you for visiting our site and taking your time to download our mixes.Yes, it always feels like it’s been a while since we gave you our offerings and thus we trust the previous mixes kept y’all on your feet and your spirits lifted :)Without any further ado, we are deeply humbled and honoured to have been blessed with this opportunity to feature our most highly respected female/sister DJ in the mostly male dominated field of Deep House Music. She is our first female featured guest DJ.Thobs needs no introduction to many as she has previously frequented the DeepSoul Unlimited movement Sessions and events. We have known this down-to-earth sister of ours for quiet some years now and we have been looking up to her as an artist to some certain extent as she has been delivering a very unique message through her musical journey. A message, that truly speaks and relates to us as DeepSoul Unlimited. After so many previous attempts to feature her on our show, she finally managed to bless us with this beautifully well crafted masterpiece of a Soulful mixtape.It has come to everyone’s attention that our dear sister decided to hang in the headphones most recently, this was her own personal choice after achieving so much, which we feel is not as much as she deserves. Anyway, this topic is another story for another day to tell…..It might just not be the end of Thobs’s musical journey after all, that’s our prediction….LOL :)NB: We certainly hope the mix will be very much well received by everyone as much as it has been by us.