Deepsoul Unlimited Volume 32

Nhlex TheMessenger

Greetings our fellow beloved DeepSoulers…..We trust and hope yall are still going strong everyday as we move so swiftly through the year…it feels like the months are passing by too quick. Otherwise, DeepSoul Unlimited Presents yall with yet another mix offering as per usual….DeepSoul Unlimited Vol 32 in mixed and mastered by “Messenger” Nhlex…

The DSU standard of track selection is hardly deviating from where it all started….as per usual, Nhlex starts off with some mellow Soulful Vocals blended with them slow jazzy feel vibes and then tempo rises up with them banging Underground Deep/Tech jams…

NB: The mixes are inspired by the Souls who trully support us throughout our journey as we spread the word for Real House Music for the matured minded. As per usual, we woul really like to get the feedback from everyone through the “Comments” tab on each mix. Please feel free to drop them in.

NB: Our mixes are previewed & streamed LIVE every Fridays @16:00 (SA Time) directly from Germany’s deepGroove Radio then uploaded on the pod for download/stream right afterwards.

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Once again, these mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are available for FREE. We would really appreciate your words as comments as we need to get feedback as per your ears….

Disclaimer: This mix posted herewith was recorded for our own experimentation and entertainment, not profit. We are not the authors/owners of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you like the tracks on the mix, please support the artists/producers and buy the originals available on digital stores online and or at nearest record stores…

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