DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #006 – Mixed By 89 DB

Nhlex TheMessenger, Ntshebe

Keki Mothibe,popularly known as 89db, (89 standing for the year I was born & db,meaning decibels). I’ve always been a music person, singing in school n church choirs, but that love was elevated to another level when I came in contact with house music. I can’t tell you how it started really, but I know it started from home, Fafung(North West), me my siblings danced to house music on radio. Got inspired by the likes of DJ Fingers, Vinny Da Vinci,Monde,Dikgoele etc…everything changed when I came to Pretoria since 2006, and it has been a good ride. I befriended and teamed up with a very good friend,Les in 2008 and formed Deeplomats. In short, it’s 2 guys who share the same passion of music,and were blessed to be well received by the masses out there. Currently I’m working with Miggs @ Foreal House Records, learning and empowering myself in all aspects of this industry. The journey is continuing and the future looks bright.

Twitter: @Keki89dB

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