GrooveMoove Sessions: ProSoundRadio – Mixed by DeepSoul Unlimited


Happy Holidays everyone, we trust & hope the Lord has been keeping everyone safe out there..
2013 has been a positive & great year for the DeepSoul Unlimited family, we have been fortunate enough to have managed to spread the message throughout the entire year…
We owe all our supporters much appreciation as this is what kept us inspired and also kept us going with this journey…
This very same journey is the one we ain’t stopping anytime soon. We would just like to thank you all for the undying, undivided & unconditional support. Our way to thank you furthermore is by introducing to ya’ll this special GrooveMoove Sessions mix recorded LIVE at the ProSound Radio Studios in November 2013..

GrooveMoove Sessions ProSoundRadio – Live Mixed by DeepSoul Unlimited:

This mic as mentioned was recorded Live at the ProSound Radio Studios in November 2013.
The mix is a 1on1 alternate between the messengers “Nhlex & Ntshebe”. It’s an hour & half long, the first hour is the mix and the remaining 30mins in a live interview, the messengers were interviewed by the resident ProSound Radio hosts.

Before we get into details, we would like to highlight some technical glitches, the 1st & 4th tracks had some slight distortion, apologies in this regard. Otherwise, the mix is a classical DeepSoul Unlimited standard…Kicks off with them mellow Jazzy feel vibes and elevates on with them rare underground matured style tunes that define DeepSoul Unlimited…
An hour mix is never enough for a 1on1 mix, however we truly appreciate the opportunity we were awarded with for this mix & interview…

PS: We hope the listeners wil like the mix as the others, please don’t forget to drop us your comments by logging on to facebook first.
Overall, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a very Prosperous 2014..