DeepSoul Unlimited Vol 59 – Mixed by Ntshebe

DeepSoul Unlimited Vol 59 – Mixed by Ntshebe


We greet you again fellow DeepSouler….
#TheMessengers are further advancing another step ahead as we continue the tradition of preparing our monthly offerings as a gift to everyone that appreciate our work.

DeepSoul Unlimited Volume 59 has been prepped by #Messenger #Ntshebe. With his forever distinctive and unique mixing style, Ntshebe blends some of his timeless classics together with some very melodic & romantic Soulful Vocals “The best way he likes them”.
The mix elevates more with every tune thrown in at a time. At this point, it’s all about having to relax and let it simmer through to your Soul.
As always, we aim to send a specific if not particular message out there through our musical selection. A lot can be said about everything else, we simply just want you as the follower/supporter to enjoy the musical offering in your own space & time whenever.
NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback as comments on each mix.
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Cell: 0739114336 or 0730817218
Podcast: http:// DeepSoulUnlimited.podOmatic. com
Facebook: Thabo Ntshebe Makhubela
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