DeepSoul Unlimited Vol 58 – Mixed by Nhlex

 DeepSoul Unlimited Vol 58 – Mixed by Nhlex
We greet you again fellow family member. Again, a very Happy New Year to you, all the best for your endeavors.We proudly present you our 58th message offering by #Messenger/Master NHLEX.
A very chilled, laid-back Lounge-feel intro kicks off the mix. Nhlex blended in some emotional classic Soulful Vocals to step-up the message. Very meaningful message within these vocals ekse…
The Messenger always has a unique choice in his selections, the mix steps into another zone with some rare/underground exclusives and then gets wrapped up in a banging unreleased must-dance tune.Again, we appreciate the immense support , this is the reason we CANNOT back down on delivering a special Message to you.
NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback as comments on each mix.
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