DeepSoul Unlimited Verse #68 – Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger
More greetings family, as we elevate by offering you guys more #Verses and #Chapters. The main thing here is the fact that our music allows us to speak out loud, it is our voice to some certain extent.
As mentioned, we trust and hope the previous offerings have managed to keep you on your toes till this far. Without any further ado, let’s get right on into #Verse68.

DeepSoul Unlimited #Verse68 is compiled, mixed and mastered by #Messenger #Nhlex. As always, an intro by the messengers is what highlights and gives you a tad glimpse into what to actually expect from the entire Verse. Nhlex likes his soft, break beats as intros and so this applies on 68 as well. The mix then takes over with some soothing & sweet vocals which will get you on that singing and loving mode.
The verse then takes us on a very mellow ride with some underground tunes as always, the very same way Nhlex likes them till is concludes with some more dance bangers.
NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback as comments on each mix.
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