DeepSoul Unlimited #VER91SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger

Hola bafethu, ladies & gents, friends, family, brothers & sisters, my fellow spinners, proteges, promoters & everyone out there that’s been supporting the movement till date.
It’s only been just 2 months of no mixes, yet it’s always too long as usual. The feedback on the previous releases has been very well appreciated. The demand gets to one though but with great understanding, The Messenger has to deliver.

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER91SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex:

As the mix name, it’s very self explanatory. A lot of people didn’t know I have a taste for this type of musical difference. This is yet another Special Lounhe #VERSE purely created for all those other followers/friends who so dearly love what i refer to as my alternative music.
This is me exploring more and more into the sounds of Lounge, Nu-Jazz, Chill-Hop, Trip-Hop & Acid-Jazz. This is obviously not for everyone to be honest but with the beautiful reception that was received on #VER87SE, it was a must for me to have a follow-up Special Lounge #VERSE in this regards.
This time around i mixed about 98% of the mix, a major yet beautiful challenge for me as a spinner as fusing all these sub-genres is such a mission!!
I hope this will be as well received as the previous offering!!



NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback on the comments tab on each mix.

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