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::DeepSoul Unlimited:: | DeepSoul Unlimited #VER90SE – Mixed by Nhlex

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER90SE – Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger

Sanbonani bafwethu once again, it is customary to greet, although I have already done that on the guestmix…LOL!!!
Yeah, I know, most have been complaining about the time it takes for availability of these verses/chapters, but the fact remains, it’s really not that easy to come up with proper/material that is up to standard.
Anyway, I managed to get some time to prep another nice selection for y’all, with the hopes that it will be well received that is. I believe the mixing on this verse is much more better that the previous one, well I’m personally more pleased with it. Although is took it’s time to surface, I trust it will be all worth the wait bafethu!!

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER90SE – Mixed by Nhlex:

Here’s to another first, if anyone has actually noticed, the VERSES have been kinda growing every recent release. I mean the selection this time around gave me enough material to go an extra mile on this offering. For the first time ever, I put together a 2 hour long mix alone…well aside from live performances at gigs…LOL!!
This Verse right here is another pure definition of what DeepSoul Unlimited is all about, the ground roots, core basics and what makes this movement what it originally is about!!
The intro takes on on yet another imaginary world to a place I’ve never been…those chilled out lounge melodies!!
The mix officially kicks off with a very nice and soulful vocal, then introduces more and more Sweet Soulful vocals at it goes on. As per Nhlex’s original musical taste, those bass kicks start taking over soon afterwards, also introducing some serious head bangers all the way to the end to seal off that signature taste!
It’s time to let the music do the talking now!!

NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback on the comments tab on each mix.

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