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::DeepSoul Unlimited:: | DeepSoul Unlimited #VER89SE – Mixed by Nhlex

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER89SE – Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger

Special greetings to everyone once again, well this is my “Officially” 3rd release for this year, considering the 2 verses on the last uploads “#88 & Special Lounge Sets”. Luckily this time around I managed to secure a guest #Chapter to feature and accompanying this current #Verse.
Well just to be honest, I wasn’t really feeling well when recording this mix. At the same time I had to deliver since I had promised the masses. So in that being said, please do kindly excuse the few mixing glitches on some of the tracks within the mix. I was even considering re-recording it but time was not on my side whatsoever. Furthermore, I would like to humbly send my apologies to everyone out there that has been waiting in so much anticipation. My web server domain host had an unfortunate downtime for about 2 days limiting my access into the website’s back-end features. I hope & trust you will all have that understanding in that regard. Otherwise, as the saying goes, let’s let the music do the talking!!

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER89SE – Mixed by Nhlex:

Well, I actually lost track of time while recording this mix, the results are a super long 1 hour 40 minute #VER89SE. I honestly think Lounge Music has been officially incorporated within #TheMessenger. As you will pickup from the intro, the verse takes you on yet another smooth yet head bumping lounge sound. Many have been stating how these tunes make them feel like some long drives ???. For me these sounds are my source of inspiration lately, they just take me to an unknown world where I just find myself in so much peace!! The tune is followed by a very sweet Break-Beat song with some very mellow & meaningful vocals.
As per my culture, I always consider the ingredients that make up DSU as a movement, Soulful Vocals have been an important part of me for as long as I have started this musical journey. It is then with no surprise that I followed suite with some lovely Soulful tunes, one of them being a very popular new age re-incarnated/bootlegged sing along that will definitely be welcomed by everyone. From here-forth, the verse introduced one of my old time super classics, I actually used to have a vinyl copy of the tune, you will notice it by it’s low quality in terms of clarity. The momentum picks up with those upbeat/Deep/Underground headbangers all the way till the last minute. Ok, enough talking, let’s just get into the music….

NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback on the comments tab on each mix.

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