DeepSoul Unlimited #VER87SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger

Ekse, hola ladies & gents, friends, family, brothers & sisters, my fellow spinners, proteges, promoters & wokumuntu out there.
First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR & COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW SEASON to you all ??. I know it’s a bit too late but I just had to get that out the way since it’s our first tape publishing for 2018, with customary respect, I wish you all well into the new year. With the hopes that the new year has been treating us all well thus far.
The new year has embraced us and sadly/unfortunately the movement “DSU” still has not managed to reconcile as everyone has been wishing. Fear not though, it’s all still possible. Anyway, the music is still very much alive and kicking and thus I shall forever maintain and push as much as I can by ensuring these mixes are created and made available for your own listing pleasure.

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER87SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex:

As I was contemplating my next mix recording in December, a thought crossed my mind to jump into creating something special for the masses. Lounge/Nu-Jazz/Break-Beats/Trip-Hop have always been some of the popular musical genres we as DSU have held very dearly & close to hearts. It was with this reason that I decided to cook this very Special Lounge #Verse. Following a very successful #CHAP022TER sometime last year, which was well received and appreciated by the masses, it was with no doubt that I had to record this verse.
One can pick up & say so much after listening to the mix but it was purely inspired by the love for these musical gems. This is just another version of “Nhlex #TheMessenger” that most don’t know about, nothing else. I was used to playing this music very early after setting up the sound system at Gatalenna every Sundays for the past year & half “till August 2017”. Most of the time I’d be playing it to myself?, cause most people would only rock up in the late hours “from “6PM”.
Anyway, enough now, let’s just get into the music. DeepSoul Unlimited #VER87SE is a Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex, filled with all the above mentioned  genres. The Verse is 95% Mixed, the other 5% was just timed Que & Play. I personally enjoyed creating this mix & I hope the people shall receive and enjoy it as much as I am.

Thank you…

NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback on the comments tab on each mix.

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