DeepSoul Unlimited #VER83SE – Mixed by Ntshebe


Greetings friends….this is officially our first #Verse release for year 2017. It’s been quiet an interesting ride thus far, the previous releases “Vinny’s House & Hit-Refresh” live recordings have been receiving so much positive feed out there & we honestly appreciate all the love in this regards. We hope those mixes have been keeping ya’ll on your toes till date as a lot of people have been asking about the verses. Finally we managed to get in studio mode and did the recordings.

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER83SE – Mixed by Ntshebe:

Well, if you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to #TheMaestro live most recently, this is your chance now..
Messenger Ntshebe gives you yet another perspective, personal musical introspection as he kicks off with a very memorable lounge sing along track by SADE!!
The Verse then takes a turn into those rare Soulful cuts filled with lots of Vocals, with very much meaning in the messages as well..The Verse then elevates to those thumping head bopping Deep sounds that will definitely get your mood into a weekend one….

Ladies & gents, kindly give the Verse a listen, feedback is always appreciated. We urge you to drop us comments..

Thank you :)

NB: These mixes are compiled for yours & our own listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. As always, we appreciate the feedback. Do kindly drop us a message on your thoughts about the #Verse on the Comment box…


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