DeepSoul Unlimited #Ver77se – Mixed by Ntshebe


Warm greetings family, we trust everyone has been keeping well and healthy during this winter season. Yes, we know everyone has been complaining in anticipation of the #Verses, we also agree that they are way too long overdue. Apologies in advance in this regards. In that saying, we hope these latest offerings will seal off and close that emptiness/gap everyone has been feeling, well unless one has been attending the Church sessions or any other event we have been engaged in during this time 🙂

DeepSoul Unlimited #Ver77se is mixed by the Maestro himself, #Messenger Ntshebe. In all honesty, we can’t say any more much in detailing the verses, we are certain everyone who follows the movement knows and can identify the differences in musical taste, selection and mixing by the respective Messengers. Ntshebe has a preferred type of selection that he dearly & deeply loves, that is obviously Soulful House Music, sometimes with that touch of some Jazz in it. But definitely with a lot of Vocals included. The Maestro, as many would say, will make you fall in  love again, just by listening to the Message within his musical selection. So ladies and gents, kindly download, listen to the Message, fall in love and dance in pure pleasure as always.

NB: These mixes are compiled for yours & our own listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. As always, we appreciate the feedback. Do kindly drop us a message on your thoughts about the #Verse on the Comment box…


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