DeepSoul Unlimited #VER101SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex

Nhlex TheMessenger


Ekse bafethu, greetings to you all & a very warm welcome back once again to the DeepSoul Unlimited podcast.
As we all know, the website has been offline for a few months till now. Major apologies for all the inconvenience cause in this regard. This all happened due to an unfortunate website-crash following a hacking incident 😢. This website could not be accessed at all, which means mixes could not be posted as well. The previous #VER100SE was not available on the site as a result, it was uploaded on an alternative storage site. Nonetheless, the masses managed to download the verse. Since the site is not back online, we shall restore all the other mixes on this platform for your download & listening pleasure.
The aim was to re-design the site completely, however, that was going to require more development time, resources & funds. Luckily, with the assistance of our web-designer, we managed to get a break though in terms of accessing the backup and restored what we could on the original site. You will then notice that site’s features are not fully available nor functional. All other additional features will be updated as we go. The most important and pressing issue was to ensure the site is back into functionality and that we could upload the mixes.

Bafethu, without wasting any more time, I present to you…

DeepSoul Unlimited #VER101SE – Special Lounge Mixed by Nhlex
Making it the 8th official alternative music Verse on the podcast since Special Lounge Ver22se. These alternative sounds have become tradition to the podcast as they also been receiving nice reviews from y’all. I took a decision to make these releases part of the offerings, supporting the main verses “House Music”. As mentioned on the other releases, this type of music has drastically grown into me as a spinner and I cannot stay away from it anymore 🤣
#VER101SE is no different from it’s predecessors, a mixture ranging from Lounge, Trip-Hop, Chill-Hop, a bit of Neo-Soul and some tiny minimal.

Ladies & gents, please enjoy the music, it definitely soothes my soul, hope it has the same effect on y’all as well.

Thank you…


NB: These mixes are compiled for your listening pleasure and are downloadable for free. Please do drop us your feedback on the comments tab on each mix.

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