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::DeepSoul Unlimited:: | DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #012 – Mixed by DJ Sonik

DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #012 – Mixed by DJ Sonik


DeepSoul Unlimited GuestMix #012 – Mixed by DJ Sonik

The Messengers have been frequently featuring a lot of underground brother through our sessions. Dj Sonik is no stranger to the DeepSoul Unlimited scenery as he has been a constant feature, he’s actually a part of our underground family. In-fact, he will be a part of our 5Years Of DSU lineup on the 30th November 2014 for those who don’t know him…

Without any further ado, lets get to know him better here as he blesses us with his signature sounds on our 12th guestmix, strictly Deep/Underground!!

NB: “Personal Message” – This mix has been specifically crafted for KABASA Lounge #Church!! Dj Sonik….


DJ Sonik – Profile/Biography:


Born in Limpopo, Dj Sonik fell in love with the art of mixing tunes on the decks back in the 1997 while attending high school in Pretoria. At this time, Dj Sonik was mixing tunes on cassettes and CDs at high discos and parties. The love for the art of DJ grew until he started collecting vinyls/LP, his first vinyl was Olav Basoski – Without You, commonly known through Dj Glen Lewis’ first Mid-Tempo album. To improve my knowledge in the industry, I started going to clubs with friends in Pretoria_Sunnyside, most especially Club Ellesse on Essellen Street where Dj Kanunu, Dj Doc, Dj Christos and Dj Vinny Da Vinci frequently played. I would spend hours watching how these djs would push and reduce the vinyl speed in an attempt to beatmatch 2 tracks.


I would frequent House Afrika Records, Soulcandi Records and many other record shops in an attempt to increase my vinyl collection. I then decided to book myself a room furnished with a pair of Technics SL1200MK2 turntables and a Gemini 626 Mixeer at Dj Nutty’s Dj school located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg to enhance the skill of mixing. These Dj rooms were only reserved for Djs who already knew how to mix records and were only looking at improving due to lack of Dj equipment. My first day in that school, I had to lie and tell them I knew how to mix. Once I succeeded to secure an hour in that room, I was locked inside a studio and only had to remember what I had previously observed from Djs in Club Ellesse. Every mix in that hour session was on point – The short story is that I taught myself how to mix through watching other Djs play. I booked sessions at the school every week until I acquired my own equipment. Since then, frequent at lunch hour mixes at Witwatersrand Technikon and grew from then.


l have shared a stage with a number of professional DJ, which include Positive K, Fresh – 5FM, BlackCoffee – Soulistic Music, Christos – House Afrika Records, Charles Webster, Vinny Da Vinci – House Afrika Records, Miggs, Malankane, Ganyani, Fingers – Voice of Tembisa FM and many more other DJs. I have also done a number of radio interviews, live mixes and pre-recorded at Voice of Tembisa FM, VUT FM, Mokopane FM and Karabo FM. I have also done 1 hour radio mixes every Thursdays as a special guest mix on Voice of Tembisa FM in 2011.Contact Detail:
Facebook: George DjSonik Mpaneng
Cell: 082 644 5687