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::DeepSoul Unlimited:: | DeepSoul Unlimited #CHAP29TER – Mixed by Mabutana

DeepSoul Unlimited #CHAP29TER – Mixed by Mabutana

Guest Mix

The brother “Stage Name: Mabutana”, a long time service soldier to the House music scene graces our guest mix feature this time around. The DSU fam got acquainted with the spinner a couple of years ago through gigs. Music is thee common ground basically, thus a musical brotherhood was formed. The brother submitted this guest mix a couple of months ago, which was very well received internally.
Jazzy, Soulful and Deep are a combination that make what this mix is all about…

Mabutana – Biography/Profile:

Mabutana (Buti Messiase) was born in Daveyton the east of Gauteng (Ekurhuleni). He developed a vast music knowledge from his father (his father was a Jazz music collector). Mabutana started collecting/listening to the Jazz records he’s father owned, would be allowed to spin he’s father’s records at home, an activity he enjoyed tremendously as a child. Along with a wide range of musical genres. In 1999 Mabutana developed a passion for Electronic Dance Music. He started playing Electronic Dance Music, played for different crowds in different cities. In 2002 he’s deejaying career was placed on hold due to he had to further he’s studies. The love of Electronic Dance Music and deejaying was growing strong in him, he was missing the whole vibe as he would express: “…it felt like, I was missing something way too important than life itself, that’s how much I missed House Music and playing it for the crowds…”. Early 2005 Larry Heard’s sound motivated Mabutana’s selection of music. Later that year, Mabutana met Mteku (Peter Simphiwe Legoabi) whom he groomed and mentored him into learning the new technique/style of playing House music as he wasn’t used to the new technology (CDJ’s) . In 2007 Mabutana started working with Infinite Boys (marketing the Infinite Boys brand and music), then 2009 he joined In Da Kona where he worked as Dj, Marketing Director, tutor and an event organiser. In Da Kona worked with one of the biggest companies in South Africa, South African Breweries (SAB) where they had to market the company and organise models. In 2010 Mabutana/Mr. Schweinsteiger collaborated with GMT music where they had to entertain tourist from all over the world through music(in the 2010 Fifa World Cup). The collaboration increased Mabutana fan base as more and more people were liking the style of music he was playing/feeding them that’s when he created he’s saying “…let the music, do the talking…”. Later in 2010 Mabutana, Mteku and Nopzin Mzwakhe Ngwenya they decided to start Go Deep or Go Home Movement where they taught a lot of dj’s how to play Rozner(Jali Skhosana), (Montage)Dumisane Mthembu In Da Kona C.E.O, Dj Bhumba from Go Deep or Go Home Movement, Ken P (JamShack), Kabelo The Pioneer, M-Tech of Next Level Music, just to name a few). Go Deep or Go Home Movement at the time was still under In Da Kona. Early 2011 In Da Kona and Go Deep or Go Home Movement parted ways due to both brands needed to grow independently. With the dedication and passion Go Deep or Go Home Movement grew as a brand and inspired a lot of dj’s to step out of their comfort zone and start exploring different sounds of House Music. Mabutana’s style is a very deep style of house you can tell that Jazz groomed he’s ear for that deeper sound House music. He’s dream is to see more people getting to understand Deep House(Raw Deep) and to see more female djs joining the scene (Deep House scene) “…house music as a whole lacks female dj’s…”

Bookings/Contact Details:

Facebook: Buti Mabutana Messiase
Instagram : Buti Mabutana
Soundcloud: Go Deep or Go Home Movement
Contacts :