DeepHouseFridays #VinylEdition @EzenkeniLifestyle – 31082018

As further means to Unite spinners & patrons through music, #DeepHouseFridays hosts a once a month strictly Vinyl ONLY session, every last Friday of each month. It is said that Vinyl/Analog/Record is back, some say it actually never left, well we try our level best to preach through it’s rich culture.
This week we feature one of K1’s very own legendary ZINYO!!!!

Hosted by: Mel & Nhlex!
Supported by: Papas | Phonodeep | Mfundo | Tablet.

NB: Free Entrance | 18:00 till 02:00 | Food & Drinks sold at the venue | No Coolers Allowed.

No. 5021, Sophangisa Street, Tshongweni Section, Katlehong!!