DeepHouseFridays @EzenkeniLifestyle – 08062018

Wassup friends, it’s that weekly update on the lineup for #DeepHouseFridays!!
On this 2nd week of June we see spinners from Tembisa, Katlehong gathering in the spirit of H.O.U.S.E!!
Let us keep you warm with music at an indoor venue as we dish some fresh tunes throughout!!

Hosted by: MEL & NHLEX!!
Featuring: Scaface | | Pablo | Soxen | K-Smalls & LayedSoul

NB: Free Entrance | 18:00 till 02:00 | Food & Drinks sold at the venue | No Coolers Allowed.

No. 5021, Sophangisa Street, Tshongweni Section, Katlehong!!